Technology and Innovation in Tinton Falls

From our award-winning website to our use of mobile devices to our use of Cloud Computing and real-time systems, my administration's promotion of technology and innovation is increasing overall efficiency and reducing operating costs in Tinton Falls!

In today’s economic climate where budgets are tight and resources are scarce, Tinton Falls is focused on doing more with less and technology plays a big role in these efforts.

Innovation and technology are very important to my administration and they are part of the strategic plan that I developed for the Borough of Tinton Falls. Below you will find some of the major projects that have been implemented in the last several years.

Website – The Tinton Falls website won a Municipal Public Information award in 2009 from the Rutgers University Center for Government Services and a New Jersey e-Government Award in 2011 from the Monmouth University Polling Institute and Public Policy Graduate Program.

ROSE – Introduced to the public in February of 2012, ROSE, which stands for Real-time Operations for Snow Equipment, has revolutionized the way Tinton Falls manages its snow plowing operations. ROSE incorporated Global Position System devises on snow plows that transmit data to a web-based Internet mapping system that allows Tinton Falls to track salting and plowing operations in real-time. The system lowers costs, increases productivity and improves service to the residents.

Cloud Computing – With the implementation of the Tinton Falls Cloud in 2012, employees now have access to the borough’s Integrated Software Suite, email, data and other services – anytime and anywhere via a secured and encrypted internet connection. By having access to the Tinton Falls Cloud, employees have access to the borough’s computer network wherever they go and this greatly improves communications, promotes a collaborative work environment and increase productivity.

Virtualization – This process limits the number of physical computer servers that are needed in our data center. Since 2011 our data center runs in Virtual Server Environment and utilizes current hardware to support more complex computing services. With Virtualization, one computer server can become four, without the need to actually purchase additional computer servers. This process saves money by reducing the need to purchase and maintain additional hardware and software. 

iPads and Mobile Devices  - In 2011 the borough’s email server was configured to support and synchronize with a variety of mobile devices, tablets, and smart phones. Each director in Tinton Falls now has an iPad, which promotes a more collaborative work environment.

Video Conferencing – Since 2012, Tinton Falls utilizes a cloud-based videoconferencing platform that integrates with iPhones, iPads, and desktop computers. This system greatly improves communications and is beneficial during times of emergencies when key personal may be working at different locations on a number of various tasks.

SharePoint Services – In 2011 Tinton Falls implemented a centralized document repository that promotes a collaborative work environment. With SharePoint Services, employees can post, edit, search and share documents quickly and easily. This system saves the borough money and reduces the need for paper documents.

Paperless Office – Started in 2011 this project is a collaborative effort between the Borough Clerk’s Office and the Administration to digitize, archive and standardize thousands of paper documents by utilizing the Tinton Falls Cloud and SharePoint Services.  

Integrated Software Suite – Since 2011, departments operate on a standardized system of software applications that utilize a central database server that is Cloud-based and provides real-time transactions.

Multi-functional Firewall – This server protects the borough’s internal network from hackers, denial of services attacks, spam email and viruses. It was implemented in 2011 and features remote access management, policy management and bandwidth control.

Increased Bandwidth – In 2011 the internet traffic speed in Tinton Falls was increased by moving to another vendor. Additionally the monthly fees were reduced – a faster and cheaper alternative.

Wireless Access Points – Since 2011, employees, regardless of where they are in Borough Hall, have secure wireless access to all essential services. Whether they are walking in the hallway or walking in between buildings, access to the borough’s network is at their fingertips.

Software Upgrades – Starting in mid-2011, Tinton Falls is in the process of rolling out Office 2012 and Windows 7 to all computers in Borough Hall. By upgrading and standardizing applications, greater productivity can be achieved. This also avoids having software that is obsolete and no longer under a maintenance agreement.

Police Video Recorders – The Tinton Falls Police Department utilized out-dated police video recorders in their patrol vehicles that were no longer supported by the manufacturer. In 2012 a new system was purchased that allows enhanced recording and secured wireless transmissions that allow police officers to spend significantly less time transferring data to the police network.

Financial Application – A new financial application was purchased in 2011 for the Tinton Falls Finance Department that allows for greater reporting, cost analysis and forecasting. The prior system was obsolete and was required to be upgraded.

Offsite Data Backup – In early 2011 Tinton Falls upgraded and automated the way information was backed-up – allowing for a more secure process and faster restoration times. Tinton Falls has multiple backup sites and our servers are Linux based. 

Emergency Management Upgrade – In 2011 the communications equipment in the Office of Emergency Management was upgraded to allow for more accurate and reliable operations.

Paper Books to Digital Format – In 2011 a number of books and paper-based subscription services such as LexisNexis, a legal law library, have been converted over to a digital subscription service which saves office space, money, paper and greatly improves searching capabilities.