About Us

I. Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Tinton Falls Police Department to provide a safe environment for all citizens and visitors to the Borough of Tinton Falls. This mission is to be accomplished through a combination of education, enforcement of laws and ordinances, and public service.

II. Core Values

COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP: The Tinton Falls Police Department embraces the concept of community partnership. Only through the establishment of a good working relationship can success be achieved.

PROFESSIONALISM: The Tinton Falls Police Department will consistently demand the highest level of professionalism from its employees.

INTEGRITY: The Tinton Falls Police Department maintains that employee contact with the public should inspire respect and generate cooperation and approval from the public. Ethical behavior shall be the norm and not the exception in our dealings with others.

RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY: The Tinton Falls Police Department recognizes our role in the community to be one of great responsibility. We embrace this value and will strive to meet this burden. We are fully accountable for the actions of all of our employees.

EMPOWERMENT: The Tinton Falls Police Department will encourage decision making at the most effective level and promote citizen responsibility and involvement.

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