Clean-up of Pine Brook Historic Cemetery         See Photo Gallery
Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday's clean-up at the Historic Cemetery was an amazing success. The volunteers found over 220 unmarked graves between the Historic Cemetery and the Ruffin Cemetery that sits behind it.  220 unmarked graves, people from our area buried there but lost to time and the weather.  About 200 of them were in the Historic Cemetery and the rest were a few yards up the road at Ruffin Cemetery.  They were found by ground penetrating radar (GPR) units and marked off with rebar and wooden stakes.

The Historic Cemetery looks amazing.  Alex Johnson, the Boy Scout who worked for almost a year there for his Eagle project, finished up last weekend with beautiful final touches like a new sign and some fantastic landscaping.  The volunteers took up his lead with leaf blowers, bags, rakes, and more they cleaned the 1+ acre site to ground level with so many layers of leaves being removed at least 4 mason dump truck loads of bagged leaves were removed and huge volumes of branches were also cleared from the site.
There was an amazing outpouring from our community on one of the busiest days of the year for Borough events, and the volunteers did an amazing job to take care of those who came before us.