How do I?


    Get involved in the community
    Volunteer for a Board, Committee or Organization
    Reserve a Borough meeting room
    Find a meeting date
    Find job openings
    Submit a complaint or concern
    Receive Borough announcements


    Find who is eligible for a property tax deduction
    Find who can receive a property tax exemption
    File a regular tax appeal
    Can I file a tax appeal online?
    How do I obtain ownership/property information?
    What criteria does one need to meet to qualify for a Farmland Assessment?
    What is the deadline date to file an application for a Farmland Assessment?

Borough Clerk's Office

    Find when Borough Council meet
    Receive meeting agenda's
    Find my polling place
    Register to vote
    Make an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request for documents


   When do I need a Construction Permit?
   Obtain Construction Permit forms

Central Services

    Apply for a Marriage/Civil Union License
    Request a copy of a Marriage/Civil Union License
    Request a copy of a Death Certificate

Code Enforcement & Zoning

    Find a listing of Borough Ordinances
    Obtain a Certificate of Occupancy for the sale or rental of a housing unit
    Obtain zoning permits for a residential or non-residential improvement project
    Report a property maintenance violation

DPW - Public Works

   General collection information 
   Obtain a garbage collection schedule by street
   Find the Holiday Schedule for garbage collection
   What collection "zone" am I in?
   What kind of items can be recycled?
   What is Spring Cleanup?
   Report a garbage container damaged
   What is the snow removal process?


    Find the current municipal budget

Fire Prevention

   When do I need a Smoke Detection Certificate?
   Obtain a Smoke Detection/Carbon Monoxide Inspection
   Obtain a Smoke Detection form

Municipal Court

    What are the Court hours?
   Pay a ticket
   How can I make a payment?
   What is your Court Code?
   What is your mailing address, phone or fax number? 
   How many points does this ticket have? 
   Do I receive points on my out-of-state driver's license for a ticket I received in NJ?
   My ticket has a "Notice to Appear" date, but the trooper told me the ticket was payable;
      do I have to come to court?

   I want to plead Not Guilty to a ticket, what is the procedure?
   I received a letter from MVC stating that my driver's license will be suspended if I do
     not pay my ticket.  Now that I have paid the summons, can I drive?

   How do I file a Complaint against someone?


Planning & Zoning Boards

    Find when the Planning Board meets
    Obtain Planning Board application packet
    Find when the Zoning Board meets
    Obtain Zoning Board application packet
    Receive meeting agenda's


    Can I park my car on the street overnight?     Apply for a Dog License
    Are their Neighborhood Watch groups in town?
    Where do I go to get finerprinted for my Job?
    Report speeding activity on my street?
    Find crime activity report    


    Find Request for Proposals notices & status
    Find Competitive Bids notices & results 
    Find Auction information
    Receive Bid Notifications


    Sign up for recreational programs
    Apply for a seasonal job opportunity 
    Find a park location

Tax Collector

    Enroll in Direct Debit Program to pay property taxes and sewer bill
    What is the current tax rate for the Borough?