Community Involvement.....

The Borough of Tinton Falls provides many opportunities for residents to be involved in their community.  Please look over the following list to select which Board, Committee or Organization you would like to volunteer for or visit their webpage to find out more about their particular projects and needs.  You can express your interest by completing and submitting an application.  We will update the list below when member vacancies become available, new community projects start and more volunteers are needed.  If you are not sure, we invite you to sit in on any of the scheduled meetings.  If you have any questions regarding community volunteering or any of the committees or organizations listed, please feel free to contact the Borough Administrator for more information.

 Members Needed: Shade Tree, Open Space
 Volunteers Needed: Community Gardens, C.U.R.E., Library


Planning Board 

Responsibility:  Responsible for reviewing land use applications requesting either a 
residential or commerical property improvement.  Meeting Dates

Members Needed:  None at this time.
Contact:  Kathy Muscillo, Board Secretary -

Zoning Board of Adjustment Responsibility: Responsible for reviewing applications where the property improvement does not conform to the Zoning Ordinance.  Meeting Dates
Members Needed:‚Äč  ‚ÄčNone at this time.
Contact:  Doug Gotfredsen, Board Secretary -





Responsibility:  Provide recommendations on applications regarding Borough natural 
resources.  Meeting Dates
Members Needed:  None at this time.
Contact: Jon Cohen, Chair -

Historic Preservation  Responsibility:  Provide recommendations on applications regarding Borough historic
structures or properties. Meeting Dates
Members Needed:  None at this time.
Volunteers Needed:  Always looking for volunteers on Crawford House projects.
Project:  Archaeology dig at the Crawford House
Contact:  Stacey Slowinski, Chair -
Community Gardens 
    (Historic Sub-Committee)
Responsibility:  Create community gardens with residential volunteers.  Meeting Dates
Volunteers Needed:  Always looking for residents interested in volunteering
for our first Community Garden Project - design a garden at the Crawford House.
Project:  Design a Community Garden at the Crawford House.
  Denise Catalano, Coordinator -
Shade Tree 

Responsibility:  Provide recommendations on requests to add/remove trees from
residential or commercial properties.  Meeting Dates
Members Needed:  1 vacancy - please apply
Contact:  Mrs. Carney, Chair -



Open Space 

Responsibility:  Provide recommendations on preserving open space & financing
recommendations.  Meeting Dates
Members Needed:  2 vacancies - please apply
Volunteers Needed:  Always looking for volunteers to assist with trail
clean-up efforts and periodic walking tours.
Contact: Guy Buck, Chair -

Organizations & Others


Neighborhood Watch Responsibility:  Provide information concerning crime prevention methods.  Meeting Dates
Volunteers Needed:  Always looking for residents to join and participate.
Contact:  Det. Sgt. Scott Trocchia, Liaison 732-542-3400 x442
Tinton Falls Library Responsibility:  Provide multiple educational resources for the community.
Volunteers Needed:  Help sell books on EBay or Alibris.
Contact:  Ellen O'Brien, Library Director -
Tinton Falls C.U.R.E., Inc. Responsibility:  Helping families facing catastrophic illness.
Volunteers Needed:  Always looking for residents to join the organization and help with fundraising events.
Women's Club  Responsibility:  Non-profit club, organized to develop the educational & civic interest of its members, and to promote the welfare of the community & to support the NJ State Federation of Women's Clubs. Meeting Dates
Volunteers Needed:  Always looking for residents to join the Club
Contact:  Send
application form or contact 732-530-9215
Senior Citizens Group Responsibility:  Provide recreational and educational opportunities for persons 55 and over. Meeting Dates
Members Needed:  None at this time.
Volunteers Needed:  Always looking for seniors to join the Group.
Project: See Activities Schedule
Contact:  Roger Pisani 732-493-8280 or Thomas Simmons 732-219-5183

Emergency Medical Services
Fire Companies


Responsibilities: Our first responders are always looking for volunteers to join and help our residents when emergencies arise.
Volunteers Needed:  Always looking for residents to join.
Contact: EMS, C.E.R.T., Fire Companies: WaysideTinton Falls, Northside Pinebrook-732-544-1015
Tinton Falls Foundation
For Excellence In Education
Responsibility: The Foundation raises money through community oriented fund raising activities to provide grants to assist staff in creating and implementing exciting programs.
Volunteers Needed: Always looking for residents to assist with Foundation events.
Contact:  Fran Gardiner 732-460-2404 or