Forms & Documents 




Property Tax Deduction for Senior Citizen, Disabled Person or Surviving Spouse
Property Tax Deduction for Veteran of a Surviving Spouse or Service Person
Property Tax Exemption on Dwelling House for Disabled Veteran or Surviving Spouse of a Disabled Veteran or Service Person
Farmland Assessment Form
Woodland Data Form
Petition of Appeal Form
File a Tax Appeal On-Line

Borough Clerk

Open Public Records Act “OPRA” Form
Voter Registration Form
Raffle License Application
Volunteer Exemption Form
Landlord Registration Form for Residential Property                                                         Certified Copy of Vital Record                                                                                  Instructions to Obtain Marriage License


NJ State Building Permit Forms
Municipal Enforcing Agency Fees
UCC-F100, Construction Permit Application  
UCC-F110, Building Subcode Technical Section
UCC-F120, Electrical Subcode Technical Section
UCC-F130, Plumbing Subcode Technical Section
UCC-F140, Fire Subcode Technical Section

Code Enforcement-Zoning

CCO Application Packet 
Non-Residential Certificate of Continued Occupancy Form
Zoning Permit Form
Pool Permit Form
Sign Permit Form
Commercial Use Application
Tree Removal Permit

Code Red

Emergency Communications Enrollment Form

Fire Prevention

Smoke Detection & Carbon Monoxide Inspection Form 
Fire Prevention Permit
Open Burning & Recreational Fires Application


Membership Form
Volunteer Form

Office of Emergency Mgmt.

C.E.R.T.  Application
Special Needs Registry Form


Employment Application


Junior Police Academy Application 2017   Dog License Renewal  Online or by Mail Please be advised of GUIDE TO PREVENTION OF ANIMAL CRUELTY.

Planning Board

Application Packet


Park Permit Application
Seasonal/Part Time Application

Tax Collector

Authorization Agreement for ACH Debit
Tax Sale Wire Transfer Form

Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Form for Borough Boards , Commissions & Organizations 
Application to serve as District Board Member for County Board of Elections
Library Volunteer Form

Zoning Board of Adjustment

Zoning Packet:
  Application of Appeal to ZBA
  Application Fee Schedule 
  Ownership Disclosure Affidavit 

  Contribution Disclosure Form
  W-9 Form
  Legal Notice
  Affidavit of Service