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Dear Tinton Falls neighbors,

We are writing to you about a concern we've had in our community for quite some time regarding recycling.  As members of the Tinton Falls Environmental Commission, we know that most of you want to recycle everything you possibly can.


It has come to our attention that many residents in our town are not sure what can and cannot be recycled in our blue cans.  Here is a simple list of the items that are supposed to be deposited in the blue recycle bins:

-all glass bottles,  jars, food and beverage containers

-all types of paper (mail, newspaper, magazines, brochures, cardboard, paper bags, paperback books, phone books, folders)

-paperboard (cereal boxes, tp rolls, tissue boxes, rice boxes, paper towel rolls, other paperboard boxes)

-tin/metal cans

-aluminum cans

-plastic pourable #1 and #2 food and beverage containers only

Absolutely, NO plastic bags of any kind

Do not put your recyclables into plastic bags before you put them in the can.  The clean recycles go directly into the blue can.


Absolutely NO caps from bottles go into the recycle. Remove the caps and put them in the regular trash.

No items with food remnants

No clothing, food, metal pans, paint cans, car parts

We appreciate all your efforts.  Most people care very much about our community and the environment but are just confused about the different rules.

Please be aware that many times the whole load of recycles will go to the landfill if there are too many non recyclables.


All the best to all of you.  Stay well and be well.      

The Tinton Falls Environmental Commission