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Building Information

Planning An Improvement
If you are planning an improvement to your property, you must obtain the necessary building permits.  Local ordinances must be adhered to before a permit can be processed through the Building Department. The Building Department uses state and national regulations as guidelines for actual construction/alteration work. All work must be inspected to assure that it is performed according to code.

NJ State Uniform Construction Code 5:23-2.14 states: It shall be unlawful to construct, enlarge, repair, renovate, alter, reconstruct or demolish a structure, or change the use of a building or structure, or portion thereof, or to install or alter any equipment for which provision is made or the installation of which is regulated by this chapter, or to undertake a project involving lead abatement in accordance with NJCC 5:17, without first filing an application with the Construction Official, or the appropriate Subcode Official where the construction involves only one subcode, in writing and obtaining the required permit therefor. 

Please check with the Building Department to see if permits are required. Some projects require a combination of permits. 

The following is a partial list of improvements for which permits are required: 

Permits are required for most improvement projects including additions, alterations, renovations, demolition, tents, asbestos removal, tank removal, decks, sheds, fireplaces, wood/coal burning stoves and chimneys, signs, above-ground and in-ground swimming pools, pool fences, cabanas, gazebos, roofing and siding. 

Note: A building permit will not be issued until all zoning or other prior approvals have been obtained.

A permit is required for most electrical work including installation of outlets, lighting fixtures and receptacles, service upgrade, generators, transformers. 

Note: A licensed electrician is required for all nonresidential electrical work and work not being done by homeowner occupying residence. 

A permit is required for most plumbing jobs. This includes installation of a furnace, boiler, lawn sprinkler systems, central air conditioning, water service, sewer service, hot water heater and gas line. 

Note: A licensed plumber is required for all nonresidential work and some work not being done by homeowner occupying residence. Please check with the department. 

Fire Protection
A permit is required for most heat and fire related jobs including installation of fire sprinkler systems, heat detectors, smoke detectors, fire alarm systems, tank installations and kitchen exhaust systems. 

Permit Processing
Once all permit applications, plans, specs, etc. have been submitted for approval, the permit is reviewed within 20 days. Most applications are completed within a week if all information is present. Any deficiencies are noted and the applicant made aware of what is needed. If zoning or any other prior approval is needed, the permit(s) cannot be issued until that is obtained.