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Tax Assessor

Tax Assessor Hours & Contact

Scott Imbriaco, Tax Assessor
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General Information

The Assessor's Office, under the general direction of the Monmouth County Board of Taxation and the State Division of Taxation, undertakes the assessing activities of the Borough as prescribed by law.

  • Responsible for establishing an assessed valuation for all properties in the Borough as of Oct. 1st of the pre-tax year. The Assessor’s Office adjusts assessments accordingly, due to changes, such as demolitions, tax appeals, subdivisions, or improvements.

  • Determines the taxability of each parcel in the Borough, not the taxes. The tax rate is formulated by the County Tax Board from the State approved budgets of the County, School Districts , the Municipality and your Fire District.

  • Processes building permits to determine the value for added assessments, if improvements were made to your property during the year, you may receive an additional bill for this added value in October, due November 1st.

  • Adds new ratables to the tax rolls as a result of added assessments, subdivisions, and/or changes.

  • Reviews all applications for deductions and exemptions such as Senior Citizen, Disabled Persons, Veterans, & Surviving Spouse. These applications are available at our office or on our website.

  • Mail out annual farmland assessment applications. Responsible for approving farmland deductions by way of review of applications and on-site inspection of each farm in the Borough.

  • Maintains the current tax map for the Borough. Compiles an annual list of changes to be made to the map as a result of subdivisions, exemptions, corrections, etc.

  • Responsible for approving new block and lot numbers due to subdivisions. Maintaining all new and old property addresses and approval of new street names in the Borough.

  • Defends assessment upon appeal. All property owners are notified of your current year’s assessment by postcard on or before November 15th. If you disagree with this value, you must file an appeal by January 15th. Instructions can be found on the reverse of this card.

  • Reviews all property sale transfers in the Borough. This includes determining if a sale is characterized as useable or non-useable, updating ownership information, changing mortgage and bank codes for the Borough Tax Collector .

  • Maintains all property record cards of properties in the Borough. This information includes, ownership, mailing address, property location, year built, lot sizes, and characteristics of the structure.


The Borough of Tinton Falls 20% Inspections for 2020:

The Borough of Tinton Falls is under contract with Realty Data Systems (“RDS”) to perform inspections of all properties for the Assessor’s records. This is a critical component in the fair distribution of taxes which fund municipal, county and local school budgets. This program requires a 5-year inspection cycle and will require that all properties are inspected once during this cycle. Your property is scheduled to be inspected over the coming weeks and there will not be further notice prior to your inspection. 

 Please note that due to concerns relating to the Covid-19 virus, ONLY EXTERIOR INSPECTIONS WILL TAKE PLACE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. This process is consistent with “social distancing” recommendations and will eliminate contact with residents. Once health concerns are no longer present, a follow-up notification will be mailed advising residents of RDS returning to perform interior inspections.

 The inspection routes are predetermined, but RDS will do their best to accommodate residents.  Please be aware the inspectors will make a maximum of (3) visits. The RDS personnel will carry identification. Our office and Police Dept. possess all inspector background information, NJDL#, and automobile characteristics.  If you would like to refuse the inspection, please visit; click APPOINTMENTS to select the refusal form. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

To see if you are included in the 20% for 2020, please click on the link below:

Tinton Falls 20% Inspections for 2020


Property Tax




Farmland Assessment Applications (FA-1)

  • Land must actively devoted to agricultural or horticultural use for at least two years preceding the tax year for which the farmland assessment is requested. 

  • The area of land, exclusive of the land upon which the farmhouse is located, is not less than five (5) acres. 

  • Income requirements must be met 

  • Application by the owner must be filed on or before August 1st of the year immediately preceding the tax year.

        Farmland Assessment Application and Woodland Data Forms may be obtained by contacting the                 Assessor’s Office @ (732) 542-3400 ext. 222 or by selecting the link below.

Farmland Assessment Form

Woodland Data Form


Tax Appeals


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