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Community Gardens


Sandy Gould -Designated Coordinator

Our Tinton Falls Community Gardens

Tinton Falls Community Gardens (TFCG)

Do you enjoy harvesting vegetables fresh from the garden? 

If you’re not a gardener, would you like to give it a try in a setting where you can work side-by-side with experienced gardeners?

Are you interested in contributing to our local community, supporting a green cause, meeting new people, and spending time in the outdoors?

If so, join us at the Tinton Falls Community Gardens.

What is a Community Garden?

Put simply, it is a garden that brings together members of the community.

In such a garden, people share in planning the site, sowing the seeds and maintaining the garden.  They also share the rewards - both tangible and intangible - of their efforts.

Where are the Tinton Falls Community Gardens located?

Thanks to the Borough of Tinton Falls for supporting the efforts of the Tinton Falls Community Gardens, we currently have 2  community garden locations in Tinton Falls. 

The first garden began in 2010 at the historic Crawford House at 750 Tinton Avenue.  Built in the early-to-mid 19th century, the Crawford House is among the most significant historic landmarks in Tinton Falls.  The community garden supports the farm stand which operates at the Crawford House on Saturday mornings during the growing season.

Due to the success of the first garden and with the help of the Borough, a second location was established in 2015 at the eastern end of Water Street (between Tinton Ave/Thors Rd).

Does it cost anything to join?

Membership requires a nominal application fee, which is applied toward ongoing maintenance costs for the garden. 

How do the gardens operate?

Each garden is divided into plots, which are assigned to individual members.  Members are responsible for the care and maintenance of their designated areas (including planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, etc.), and members enjoy the fruits of their labor. 

Members are also asked to participate in preparing the garden at the beginning of the season and cleaning up the garden at the end of the season. 

Do I need to be an experienced gardener to participate?

No specific skills or gardening experience are required.  Enthusiasm and commitment are the primary considerations for membership since a consistent level of participation is critical to the garden’s success.

How much time is required?

The time commitment for members will vary according to the current stage of garden development, as well as with the season.  As with any backyard garden, each season requires a different set of activities, and members will be able to take part in all phases of the garden’s life cycle.

Are there other ways I can get involved?

People can participate on a variety of levels.  Those who wish to become members are assigned a garden plot and must commit to caring for that plot as well as participating in common maintenance activities. 

There are also opportunities for those who would like to be involved without the commitment required for full membership.  For instance, those who are interested may participate in “garden workdays,” which are scheduled throughout the season.  In addition, community groups may arrange organized visits to the site and participate in gardening activities as appropriate.

How can I find out more?

To obtain more information, contact Email

Garden Locations:

TFCG-1:  750 Tinton Ave.

TFCG-2:  Water Street